Vest and Tie Onesie Tutorial

Jan 15th
Brown Vest Onesie

Vest and Tie onesies for baby boys :D

This week I have been working on some super cute onesies for my sweet boy, and also some extra to add to the online store on my website! So I thought it might be a fun idea to do a little tutorial on them   for  this week’s blog post. I see these adorable onesies on pinterest all the time and have been wanting to make them for a while now.  I had all of the materials needed so I figured I would give it a try, the outcome was great. I love how they came out. I hope that you enjoy my tutorial, and give making them a try for yourself. These would make a really good baby shower gift!

-Things you will need are a onesie, fabric, heat and bond, paper, scissors, a pencil, buttons, a sewing machine with matching thread, and an iron.



Step one-start by making your pattern by tracing the shape of a vest and a tie onto some paper


Step two- trace your pattern on to some heat and bond

Heat n' Bond

Step three- iron your heat and bone vest and tie onto your fabric and cut of the extra


Step four- iron your fabric with heat and bond already on it to the onesie

Step five- sew around the edges of your vest and tie with the sewing machine and some thread that matches your fabric

Step six- lastly sew your buttons on with the same thread you used for the edges of the onesie and  you are done!


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